Tuesday, August 15, 2006

When Worlds Collide Who Will Survive

KSWA Press Release: "When Worlds Collide" Who Will Survive

Pittsburgh, PA - "When Worlds Collide" what KSWA Megastars will still be standing tall and which ones will be left holding the pieces of lost opportunities.
The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance presents "When Worlds Collide", Saturday, August 26, 2006 at the home of professional wrestling in Pittsburgh, The Lawrenceville Moose. Bell time is 7:30PM.

With Wrestle/Rock 2006 in the rear view mirror, the amps have been unplugged, the guitar picks have been put away but two things remain constant, the raucous KSWA Krazies will be in full force and the action in the ring will be fast paced, hard hitting and in your face as ever.
It has been confirmed by sources within KSWA Headquarters that a major announcement will be made in regards to the Main Event at KSWA Fan Fest 2006, which takes place on Saturday, December 2, 2006 at the Lawrenceville Moose.

The Double A Challenge will headline "When Worlds Collide" as a Fatal Four Way Elimination Match has been booked by KSWA Owner Bobby O and KSWA Interim Commissioner The Latin Assassin. The match will also unify both the KSWA Golden Triangle and KSWA Tri-State Titles. Plain and simple, winner takes all.

In addition to KSWA Golden Triangle Champion "Double A" Anthony Alexander, the combatants will be the leader of IT, BIG Mike Malachi, Mr. 8 x 10 Michael Cruz and The Snakeman Deven Michaels.

Will Alexander be able to fend off the Big Man now residing in Belfast, Ireland and the two hungry newcomers to the KSWA? Big Mike Malachi is coming off an impressive win over the equally sized Bloodbeast at Wrestle/Rock and is focused as ever. Did Mr. 8 x 10 pick up on some of Double A's shortcomings in their last match that he can exploit for the win? After a successful debut, will the Snakeman carry momentum and a 12-foot-long, 70-pound Burmese python named Jezebel to KSWA gold? Anthony is in for the challenge of a lifetime.

The Semi-finals of the KSWA Kruiserweight Kup will take place as Kris Kash will take on Justin Sane and Shane Starr will battle "The Drunken Luchador" Joey Quervo.

Kris Kash received a bye to the semi-finals but will he be fully recovered from his match with the mammoth Ali Kaida at Wrestle/Rock. Justin Sane reached the semis by defeating the Kruiserweight King Del Douglas. This match has the potential to be the showstopper as these two competitors are prone to put the bodies on the line with their high wire aerial assaults. Don't blink because you may miss something.

The upstart Lost Boy Shane Starr reached the semi-finals by defeating Zero in a hard fought match and Joey Quervo received the second bye into the semis. Will Quervo be able focus on the task at hand and overcome the fear of a 12-foot snake slivering over him enough to reach the finals or will Starr continue his rise up the KSWA ladder and wrestle for the chance to become the KSWA's first Kruiserweight Kup winner.

"Dr. Devastation" Lou Martin faces "The King" Del Douglas.

The Doctor and The King along with his "power-duo" running mate Biker Al have been in a heated feud since Martin lost his KSWA Heavyweight Title. Douglas pulled the wool over Lou's eyes when he appeared from out of nowhere to hit his "Drop It Like It's Hot" DDT on Martin and helped Biker Al pick up a win a few months back. Lou picked up a measure of revenge at Wrestle/Rock when he beat the "power-duo" in a Handicap Match. What will happen next between these two remains to be seen?

Will Trapper Tom return to the KSWA Ring Announcing table after his beating at the hands of the Biker Al? If so what will he have to say if anything?

After losing the Handicap Match to Lou Martin and upon hearing the announcement of the winner, Biker Al jumped the KSWA Ring Announcer. Bobby O furious at what had just taken place, immediately suspended Al for laying his hands on a KSWA official thus he will not be allowed in the building on August 26th. Trapper Tom was reported to have a concussion and some minor cuts and bruises.

La Lucha fresh off of making KSWA Heavyweight Champion "The Enforcer" Shawn Blanchard "tap out" in a non-title match will face IT member Baracus.

The new Number One Contender for the KSWA Heavyweight Title has Shawn Blanchard set in his sights and will do anything to become the next KSWA Champion but can't look past the dangerous and focused Baracus. The Sniper has one thing on his mind...to inflict as much pain as humanly possible. Can La Lucha survive this match and get his chance at the KSWA Heavyweight Title in one night? I am sure Baracus and Shawn Blanchard has something to say about that.

What will KSWA Heavyweight Champion Shawn Blanchard and his Advisor Frank Durso have in store for La Lucha? The infamous "tap out" at Wrestle/Rock will fresh in their minds and it is a guarantee that it will be addressed. Will La Lucha answer the call or will the combination of Durso and Blanchard be too much to handle?

Zero and Bloodbeast will go to the depths of hell in a KSWA Hardcore Match.

Zero owns a KSWA Contract because of an earlier victory over the Blood beast, who would like nothing better than to exact revenge and punish his opponent for the loss that has him battling for a contract each and every time he steps foot in a KSWA ring.

After a shocking loss to the hands of Kris Kash what will the menacing Ali Kaida and the other members of IT have in store for the KSWA and its fans? After a few minor set backs they will no doubt be looking to make a statement to the KSWA locker room that they are for real.

The Lawrenceville Moose is located at 120 51st St. in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Tickets are $10.00 for Adults and $8.00 for Kids. Card is subject to change. For more information, call 412-762-1762